Sharpton/Jackson Use Race Card Against Rush

Remember these two thugs? Their indiscretions are continually “swept under the rug!!” BUT….. if someone farts in the wind, they protest the release of “greenhouse gasses!!”
  • Sharpton: In 1987, a 15-year-old black girl [Tawana Brawley] went missing and was found four days later, smeared with dog crap and racial slurs written on her body. After Sharpton defended the girl in the press; after a trial; this was found to be a complete hoax. Sharpton was to pay one of the alleged perpetrators $65,000. So far as anyone knows that sum was never paid. This is but one of Sharpton’s indiscretions!!
  • Jackson: He and his tax-exempt organizations have routinely been accused of financial shake-downs of major corporations like General Electric and Toyota under threat of racial discord among theri employees. In 2001, Harold Dooley a New York City citizen-the first black to have a seat on the New York Stock Exchange-finally came out against Jesse Jackson. Mr Dooley accused Mr Jackson of “orchestrating an elaborate web of exploitation, racketeering and corporate shake-downs.”
  • Jackson: Moving to pre-empt a tabloid newspaper report, the Rev. Jesse Jackson this morning [01/18/2001] released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 20 months old. “This is no time for evasions, denials or alibis,” said the Baptist minister. “I fully accept responsibility and I am truly sorry for my actions.” The age of the daughter indicates Jackson, 59, was likely having the affair with Karin Stanford, a 39-year-old worker at his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition office in Washington, even as he counseled President Clinton after public revelations of an affair with Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the White House. It has long been alleged that Jackson’s two tax-exempt organizations paid “palimony,” child support, a huge amount in rent and expenses for the child’s mother: Karin Stanford [who held a senior position in Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH organizations].
These slimy, racist thugs are defaming Limbaugh in an attempt to sway the NFL hierarchy toward denying Mr Limbaugh partial ownership in the StLouis Rams football team. Anyone who’s listened to Rush’s show, knows that mostly, he’s “all about the money!!” Why would race even enter into the process-he’s making an investment in a business that he hopes to buy for less money than it’s worth and eventually make a profit on that investment. Again, listening to the program, especially on Mondays [or Tuesdays after his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers have played on Monday Night Football], a sane individual knows there’s not another [non-sports] media personality that knows as much about the game of football!! Rush is truely a learned student of the game, it’s strategies and it’s players. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, needs to concentrate on Rush’s pertinent personal and business information rather than the rumors and inuendo projected by racist thugs who hope to profit financially by dragging a good citizen/ company “through the mud!!”
Wanna Be A Cop? DON’T Choose Rochester, N.Y.!
Last week there was a protest by about fifty “teenie-weenies” and twenty-somethings affiliated with the Students for a DemocRATic Society [SDS]. They were, without a permit, protesting the war in Afganistan…. ironically at 4-5PM, when the news cameras are available!!

  • They were marching in the street, along a major thoroughfare serving downtown, during rush-hour traffic.
  • The police had allowed the [unpermitted] protestors to march while they remained on the sidewalks.
  • Determing that there would be no confrontation while they remained on the sidewalks, the protesters moved into the roadway.
  • This change had it’s intended consequence: the protesters began to foul traffic flow during the rush-hour traffic.
  • They also impeded a city firetruck responding to an emergency beyond the protesters’ location.
  • The police responded appropriately; removing the protesters, clearing the roadway and allowing the firetruck to proceed.
  • The protesters achieved their objective of notoriety: Twelve protesters were arrested and two required treatment in local hospitals.

As is the norm, the individual policemen involved have been “thrown under the bus” by the RPD hierarchy, The City Council, The Mayor and the Civilian Review Board.

  • The police department is knuckling under to the protesters’ mouthpiece and conducting an “internal review.”
  • The City Council is about to conduct it’s own review… as if they’re qualified; as if there’s not “any number of others” who will review the incident as a part of their jobs.
  • The Mayor-a former Chief of the Rochester Police Department-is waffling at every turn when asked about the incident and the city’s position on it.
  • The Civilian Review Board really doesn’t “have a dog in this fight!” They were created years ago to pacify the loud-mouthed individuals who took every opportunity to paint any incident with their “racial brush.”

The point of this is that the aforementioned is the norm for the city and all hierachies within. Anyone who wears a uniform in the city WILL NOT receive initial support should an incident arise. Hence, there’s more supportive orgainzations, elsewhere!!

**Speaking of the “SDS”….. aren’t they an arm of ACORN?!?!

Til Nex’Time….