The Nicest First Lady In Forty Years!

[Laura Bush has to be the nicest, sweetest, kindest First Lady in my lifetime, the last 60+ years. I don’t know much about Mame Eisenhower and I was never very enamored with Jacqualine Kennedy. But look at the others:

  • Claudia “Lady-Bug” Johnson [No Mo’ Billboards!!]
  • Patricia Nixon [She liked her “toddies”]
  • Betty Ford [“A toddy for the body?”]
  • Rosalynn Carter [Anybody ever see her?]
  • Nancy Reagan [The astrology queen]
  • Barbara Bush [This lady is runnin’ a close second!!]
  • Hillary “Rob-em” Clinton [She’d be divorced if it weren’t for “power-sharing”]
  • michelle “The Chin” obama [The reigning queen-in her own mind!]

My opinion has very little to do with their accomplishments in the public arena; more with how they treat the “regular folks” and how they’re perceived by the common citizen.]

Growing up in Midland, former first lady Laura Bush said she thought the library was the most important building in town. For that reason, Bush-a longtime supporter of literacy and the arts-said she was honored that the newest addition to the Westbank Community Library District would be named for her.
Hundreds of people gathered Sunday at the new library branch in Western Travis County to hear Bush speak at the dedication of the $6 million building. “This new branch will provide a gathering place for people of all ages,” Bush said. “It will be a vibrant community center.” The Laura Bush Community Library opened immediately after Bush and other dignitaries cut the red ribbon in front of the entrance.
The 14,000-square-foot library branch sits on a hill overlooking much of West Austin at Bee Cave Road and Cuernavaca Drive. It features a children’s area, drive-through book checkouts and outdoor walking trails.
Near the entrance, the library features a statue of Laura Bush reading to a child. Mrs Bush is a former librarian and teacher who helped found the Texas Book Festival in 1995, which has grown into one of the nation’s premier celebrations of writers and their work.
Fundraising, planning and construction began about three years ago. The library was paid for through a combination of grants, donations and sales tax revenue. “It’s hard not to be just ecstatic” about the opening of the facility, library board president, Bannerot said. Inside, David Perl’s 7-year-old daughter Samantha didn’t waste time snatching up a few books she’d been wanting for several weeks. Perl said he’ll be bringing her to the library often this summer.

ACORN-COI-FLUFFY Porkulus Working!

Don’cha think it’s much easier to “sell” a reform policy that’s doomed to failure when a huge number of Americans are unemployed and concerned about their healthcare? The number continues to grow by leaps-and-bounds! Through all the economic conflagration, Fluffy HAS managed to record “a first” since his inauguration: HE TOLD THE TRUTH!! In a recent speech, he said that the $787Billion PORKulus package is working as planned, as designed. During his “sales speil” to force healthcare reform on America, he needs the 13,000 lost jobs each day since the PORKulus Package was signed!! Don’t tell me about all the jobs saved… it’s both a fictitious concept and statistic…. How the Hell does anyone measure saved jobs?!?!

Til Nex’Time….