Recession? What Recession?
[Here’s a blog I read frequently and it’s usually a hoot!! This time, the teleprompter speaks of the recession not affecting the ACORN representatives in the White House!! A half-million-dollar show date?? Then visiting a homeless shelter to give away cell phones?? No recession in DC, right?? Fluffy and “The Chin” are as out of touch with the real world as the state-run media accused President George H.W. Bush {41} of being! {Bold type below=My emphasis}]
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 [from the blog This blog is a heluva hoot, I usually check in every day or so!!]
Our Stimulus Plan is Working
Earlier today[06/03], Lady M [Michelle “The Chin” obama] went to a homeless shelter to kill the story about her and Big O going to New York for a date that cost the American taxpayers about $500,000, when federal, state and local law enforcement costs are added to the Lear jet, cars, staff, advance, my personal travel and bar tab, etc. Here you see her [photo above] after we’ve handed free cell phones to all the homeless people who came to see her. And no, taxpayers aren’t going to be paying for the homeless peoples’ wireless bills. That’s what the federal government is for. [BUT, TOTUS: Who funds the federal government?!?!]
US Economy Not Bad Enough….
Responding to state-run media reports that House Democratic negotiators have agreed to include a new $100 billion line of credit to the IMF — a top priority of president Fluffy obama [ACORN] — the top Republican in the House said Tuesday he would oppose the bill.
The actual U.S. costs for the IMF contribution are far less — $5 billion is the Congressional Budget Office estimate — since the U.S. government is given interest-bearing assets in return. Still, U.S. debt would have to be issued to provide the money at a time when government borrowing has exploded.
obama promised the IMF money at April’s G-20 summit to help developing countries deal with the troubled global economy. About $8 billion for an earlier commitment for the IMF will be included.

Fluffy’s “Planetary Apology Tour, Part DUH!!”
[Remember that on April 2nd, Fluffy bowed to the Saudi king? {Miss Manners : Americans do not bow to foreign monarchs because that act signified the monarch’s power over his subjects} The ACORN handlers phoo-phoo’d it, saying that Fluff’ was bending over to compensate for the King’s vertical challenges. Seems in the last several months, that same king has grown 6 or 7 inches!! Didn’t seem to be a height disparity to me…. My guesss is that ACORN didn’t appreciate all the negative publicity so they instructed their mouthpiece not to bow!!]
Remember, Fluffy is the same guy who said that America “isn’t a christian country.”
Now ACORN, through this idiot, is saying that America is one of the largest muslim countries on the planet!! The United States has approximately 1.8mln muslims which is but 6 tenths of one percent of the total US population. Some countries’ muslim population for comparison: Indonesia-204mln; Pakistan-164mln; India-154mln; Afganistan-33.6mln; Saudi Arabia-28.6mln; Turkey-76.6mln; Iran-65.1mln.
ACORN, and by association-Fluffy, are clearly FULLASHIT!!!!
What’s ACORN’s reasoning for this?
Working alongside Fluffy’s immense ego, ACORN is making Der Fluffmeister the titular head of the muslim world, much like Rush Limbaugh-until his “resignation-” was annointed by the staterun media as the titular head of the republican party.
Just another step in ACORN’s desire for a one-world government!!
Til Nex’Time….