The “Apology Tour” Continues

Der Fluffmeister’s weekend of summitry in Latin America will be remembered most for his cordial encounter with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The images of that smiling handshake spoke vividly to the changes Fluffy obama is bringing to U.S. relations abroad. [Given the horrific, communistic treatment of the United States by that Rathole Pompous Potentate-Hugo Chavez, an American military officer cozying up to him would be held to charges of treason. As an included position of the presidency, The Fluffer is the Commander-in-Chief of the US military. The highest to the lowest member of the military is subject to the same military code. Hence, the entire “Apology Tour” should be held up to judicial scrutiny. The tour has done nothing but apologize for America supporting it’s interests on the world stage.]
The underlying question in all this is whether Obama’s approach means the United States will be dealing out of a position of strength or weakness as the new administration confronts problems ranging from Iran’s nuclear ambitions to Middle East peace to better relations in this hemisphere. [The media as usual, has it all wrong: Even the “koolAid drinkers” are beginning to realize that in this ongoing “Planetary Apology Tour,” Fluffy is dealing from a position of naivete; one hundred, forty-two days as a legislator, does not a world leader make!!]
Obama was asked an explicit question. Would he, in his first year as president, be willing to meet without preconditions with the leaders of Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. “I would,” he replied. “And the reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them — which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration — is ridiculous.” [You’re right, Fluff’….. but that’s not the point….. Point is: You’re letting the potentates of these third-world ratholes dictate the agenda…. that shows real international power now, doesn’t it? How naive can you be? You might consider recruiting another team of {higher-quality} handlers!]
Another Scam?
Not unlike the Stauer “Free Pearls” Scam [see Dec 8th entry], I accidently discovered what I believe to be the next scam in my household-The History Channel Club. Although, unlike the Stauer scam, I didn’t order anything and give them my card number!! [It was a Bi**h getting the money refunded!!]
After getting a letter threatening to turn me over to collections, I grudgingly sent a check for $24 to cover two years’ subscription. To start with, I had returned a previous bill marked “please canx.” Two year subscriptions are the minimum. In today’s mail I receive a “nicey-nice” letter telling me that if I used the inclosed $24 coupon, it will effectively return all subscription monies I had EVER paid them. I would then be a “Life Member!” The words “life member” and “free” were used in many, many places in various pieces of the literature. So, like a dumb-ass, I tear off the coupon and put it in the postage-paid envelope, ready for the postman. T-h-e-n… I get to reading the rest of the propaganda…..
[The front side:]
This list was printed under various photos of cheeeeep Chinese CRAP!!
#101-Cards, Game Set and Chess Pieces-FREE!
#102-Lifetime Subscription-INCLUDED
#103-Magnifying Glass-FREE!
#104-Rosewood Pen-FREE!
#105-Conf Officer’s Sword Letter Opener-FREE!
#106-Rosewood Keytag-FREE!
#107-LED Reading Light-FREE!
#108-Replica P-38 Can Opener-FREE!
#109-Magazine Holder-FREE!
#110-Access to Guide to Historic America-FREE!
#111-I.D. Card-FREE!
#112-Life Member Certificate-FREE!
#114-Toll-Free Assistance-INCLUDED
#115-Members-Only History Products Offers-INCLUDED
#116-Discount on Appraisal Services-INCLUDED
#117-Opp to Submit Stories and Win Club Gifts-INCLUDED
#118-Opp to Enter and Win FREE Product Giveaways-INCLUDED
#119-Refund of All Previous Dues Paid-CREDIT
#120-Discounts on Products-INCLUDED
[On the back side:]
Along with these s-p-e-c-i-a-l offers were illustrative photos which appeared to be MORE CHEEEEP CHINESE CRAP.
Free Gift #1: Flags of the Civil War Playing Cards [Your FREE cards will be sent with your new Life Member Kit.]
Free Gift #2: Live Member Game Set with Civil War Checkers [Yours FREE after half of your Life Membership installments have been paid.]
Free Gift #3: Life Member Chess Pieces with Civil War Figures [Yours FREE when you become a fully paid Life Member.]
FINALLY……. I open the sealed envelope and closely read the entire rebate certificate.
Guess what I find on the bottom-in small print, of course??
REDEEM IMMEDIATELY: By returning this Dues Rebate Certificate in the enclosed envelope, you will activate your Life Membership in The History Channel Club. The Club will send your New Life Membership Kit right away. A a paid Life Member you will receive all Club Member benefits as described in the materials included with this certificate.
I see this as a scam!
The rebate certificate leads one to believe that the only cost to the Life Membership is met by the certificate, itself.
No where in the literature is the final, total cost of Life Membership mentioned.
The only mention of any additional monies is in the description of Free Gifts #2 and #3.
I certify the “History Channel Club Life Membership” program…. a SCAM!
A Tea Party Commentary
[I follow several blogs here on blogspot. One of those is “Conservatism with Heart” written by “Dee.” She mentioned the following piece she pulled from the Kansas City Star. I thought it worth repeating.]
Tea party movement captures real concerns
The Kansas City Star
What I found most amusing about last week’s tea party protests was the palpable defensiveness of many Democrats and lefties in general.
Steve Glorioso, a Kansas City political consultant, dismissed the gatherings as something “dreamed up and promoted by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey.” The tea party that took place in Kansas City, he said, was “basically a Republican-led, right wing conservative political event.”
Bloggers at Playboy, noting how quickly the movement grew, figured it must be backed by some secret group. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the whole thing was “AstroTurf” — not a genuine grassroots effort. Liberal actress Janeane Garofalo suggested tea-party attendees were racists with substandard brains.
True, Gingrich and Armey have been involved, and the tea parties have an obvious anti-Obama slant. Various facets of the Republican Party and conservative movement are keen to use the energy the tea party events represent.
But that energy was there first and it was spontaneous, and it’s far from clear that it can be translated into greater support for Republican candidates in next year’s congressional races.
The movement began in February with a protest organized by Seattle blogger Keli Carender. Her target: the $787 billion stimulus bill. That led to rallies in other cities.
The movement acquired a name with the famous “rant heard round the world” by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, who called for a Chicago “tea party.” After that, the movement took off.
What we’re seeing is a center-right populist outpouring prompted by the long-term implications of President Barack Obama’s gargantuan budget, his spending plans, the massive tide of red ink those plans will generate — and, most important, what all that implies about the future balance between the government and the private sector.
I attended the tea party Wednesday at Kansas City’s Liberty Memorial, and I couldn’t find anyone who thought the event was about partisan politics. “Both parties are corrupt,” said Brian Stednick of North Kansas City.
Those with whom I spoke were mostly concerned about the rising national debt, ballooning federal spending — and the threat of higher taxes. Some mentioned the risk of future hyperinflation, given the huge sums of money flowing out of the government and Federal Reserve.
“We’re scared to see all the money being spent, and we wonder what’s going to happen to our children and grandchildren,” said Dan Ellsworth of Holt, Mo. “We’re just concerned about the direction this country is going.”

The graph displayed nearby, which has been making the rounds on the Web for the last couple of weeks, crystallizes the fear of many that the government is veering into dangerous territory.
Those who criticized President Bush and the GOP Congress for fiscal irresponsibility were correct; when the Republicans were in power, they spent with little restraint. But as the graph shows, the deficit under Bush was shrinking until the housing bubble popped and the economy tanked.
By comparison, the coming Obama deficits are in a league of their own. On average, Obama’s plan would generate trillion-dollar deficits for the next 10 years, with chilling implications for future tax rates and the government’s financial health.

The tea party protests recall the Ross Perot phenomenon of the early 1990s. Then as now, the basic concerns were massive federal spending and the size of government. Then as now, the movement blossomed outside the confines of traditional Democratic-Republican politics.
Perot, however, provided leadership and focus, and that’s what’s lacking now. “There are too many issues embedded in this single protest,” said political scientist George Connor of Missouri State University. “I don’t see these numbers generating a national wave. I just don’t see it.”
Maybe, maybe not. Obama’s budget and his radical agenda have triggered an angry, nationwide protest. The next several months will provide hints as to whether the leaderless Republicans, still casting about for fresh ideas, can translate some of that anger into real support for candidates.
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“Double-Dealin’ Dave”
Guvner “Double-Dealin’ Dave” Paterson of New York is scammin’ both sides of the ‘Gay Marriage’ issue. Whether he actually believes in this issue is immaterial. He’s “thumbing his nose” at the NY voter by putting it forth for legislative consideration even though the general consensus is that they don’t want it. He’s scamming the gay community by bringing the issue forth, knowing he hasn’t the legislative backing for it to pass into law!
Is there any wonder 88% of NY voters DISAPPROVE of his job performance?
Til Nex’Time….