Some TaxDay TeaParty photos from Huffington Post. If they’re copyrighted-I apologize; If they’re not-I thank you!!

democRATS-A Bit Testy Over The Tea Parties!?!?
I found these whiny-asses blogging for Arianna Huffington:
Brandon Friedman: My Family’s Experience in the Militia
Enjoy this week, Tea Partiers. It costs you nothing. Your right to dismiss the American form of government has been paid in full by others who you clearly don’t appreciate. [MISTER Friedman, who taught you American History-Vladimir Lenin? This IS EXACTLY WHY the American revolution was fought-for the right to peaceful protest of government practices!! Payers for “the American Way” protest as well.]
Jeffrey Feldman: Conspiracy Theory Conservatism
Should it come to pass that conspiracy theory conservatism wins out once and for all over Goldwater conservatism, the Republican Party will be doomed, broken, kaput. [This protest is not about Republicans or conservatives, but about spending on monetized “porkulus giveaways” that CAN NEVER BE REPAID!!]
Mitchell Bard: The “Teabag” Protests Smack of Neo-McCarthyism
Today’s “teabag” protests would be funny, if they didn’t make me think of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and what he might have accomplished if Fox News existed during his time. [{McCarthyism is the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.} Thank-you for making the protesters’ case-except they have the evidence, the TWELVE-TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT!!]
Dave Johnson: A Warning About The Tea Parties
The tea parties are not “spontaneous” or “grassroots.” They are another corporate-funded campaign to trick people into supporting more cut taxes for the rich. [So laughable as to suggest another “run-at-it,” maybe from different direction?!?! One direction might be….. oh….., how ’bout massive federal spending cuts??]
Hale “Bonddad” Stewart: Where Were the Teabag Protests 8 Years Ago?
Conservatives are protesting because they are out of power. They aren’t protesting spending; if they were, they would have taken to the streets years ago. [Where were you and the media puppets when the taxpayer bitched about previous years’ taxes…. all the way back to the Carter-Era pork, AND BEYOND??]
What The democRATS Won’t Acknowledge
If it ain’t their whacky idea or their whinnin’ session, it’s an “organized conspiracy!!
Ya wanna know how the “Tea Parties” really got started?? Here it is, in an article in today’s Wall Street Journal:
In case you managed to forget, today is Tax Day. And according to the Wall Street Journal, “Tax Day Becomes Protest Day.” There will be rallies or “tea parties” taking place all over the United States today, to protest higher taxes and out-of-control government spending. DR contributor, Gerald Celente, who is director of The Trends Research Institute, calls these tea parties and tax protests “harbingers of revolution.” So who are these ‘revolutionaries’ that are organizing these events? Turns out, not a political party or a union…just ordinary people harnessing the power of the Information Superhighway. The WSJ reports: “The protests began with bloggers in Seattle, Wash., who organized a demonstration on Feb. 16. As word of this spread, rallies in Denver and Mesa, Ariz., were quickly organized for the next day. Then came CNBC talker Rick Santelli’s Feb. 19 ‘rant heard round the world’ in which he called for a ‘Chicago tea party’ on July Fourth. The tea-party moniker stuck, but angry taxpayers weren’t willing to wait until July. Soon, tea-party protests were appearing in one city after another, drawing at first hundreds, and then thousands, to marches in cities from Orlando to Kansas City to Cincinnati.”
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