[alleged]Lil’ Bastard” Update
When 14-year-old Tyquan L. Rivera walked into a courtroom Tuesday to answer charges that he attempted to kill a Rochester police officer, he faced a sea of blue.
Nearly 100 police officers packed the courtroom to watch the arraignment of Rivera, who is charged with critically wounding Officer Anthony DiPonzio by shooting him in the back of the head on Dayton Street on Jan. 31.
Rivera pleaded not guilty to felony charges of attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault and was ordered held without bail. District Attorney Michael C. Green and defense lawyer George W. Conaty Jr. said later that they considered the officers’ presence a strong show of support for DiPonzio.
“They weren’t there out of malice to me or my client,” Conaty said. “They were there to support one of their brethren.” Rivera, who turns 15 today, spoke only two words during the proceeding. He answered “Yes, sir” when state Supreme Court Justice Joseph D. Valentino asked if he was Tyquan Rivera.
Valentino ordered Rivera to be held without bail in the Monroe County Children’s Center, a secure detention facility for those under 16 charged with serious crimes. Conaty said he reserved the right to apply for bail at another time.
DiPonzio’s parents, Anthony and Joanne DiPonzio, sat in the first row of the courtroom. He is a deputy in the Hall of Justice. During the arraignment, Green said the prosecution has filed a notice that it intends to use in Rivera’s trial a brief remark Rivera made after he turned himself in to police Feb. 3.
While being taken from police headquarters to the Children’s Center, Rivera allegedly told a police officer that he had been hiding for the past several days in an undisclosed location with his family.
Green said he expects the case to go to trial and not be resolved by a plea deal.”I think the community deserves that, the family (of DiPonzio) deserves that,” he said.
The charges against Rivera are the most serious that can be brought against him because of his age. Although he’ll be tried in an adult court, he’s considered a juvenile offender and can receive a prison term of no more than 3 1/3 to 10 years if convicted, instead of 25 years if he had been 16 or older. [Nuff Said…… ‘cept the Lil’ Bastard should be the Capital Punishment Poster Boy!!]
“Geeze-Louise,” Visit More Often!
Below is a sidebar to the article about Nerobama signing the Porkulus legislation into law:
“One of the things ‘Geeze-Louise’ Slaughter secured Porkulus funds for is “Five Mile Line Road rehabilitation from Linden Ave., to Rte 404.”
If “Geeze” visited more often, she’d realize that she’s about 90 degrees off in her highway “rehabilitation!!” For “Geeze” and those of you who don’t know; A main, east-west thoroughfare out of the City of Rochester is Empire Boulevard. When Empire arrives in Webster, it changes to Ridge Road East [State Route 404] which continues on east ‘for miles.’ When the roadway changes from Empire to Ridge, it also goes from four lanes to two. In Webster, one of the intersecting roads is 5 Mile Line Road. This road is 99.99% residential all the way south to Linden Avenue. Most of the day, say…. from about 9AM to about 10PM or so, Empire/Ridge Road is a traffic nightmare approaching the “bottleneck” of 4-lanes-to-2. During the business day, the entire route from the bottleneck eastward to the primary traffic light in the Village of Webster is constant bumper-to-bumper traffic, usually with at least a “one-light-delay” at each traffic light along the route!! “Geeze:” If you visited for better reasons than [a] to insure your Fairport home is still there and [b] the invariable ‘photo op,’ you could cruise around-in the $800-a-month Buick we leased for you-and see how “the little people” lived; the traffic concerns we have to put up with; the crime [ref: [alledged]Lil’ Bastard] we have to put up with; the unbearable tax rates we labor under;…. you understand?? IF YA DID THAT, ya’d understand that widening Ridge Road would make far more sense to “the little people” than rehabbing 5 Mile Line Rd!!
Tho’ I do understand the problem from your perspective: There are a Hell of alot more voters on 5 Mile Line Road!! What you’re not getting tho’ is… all those businesses along Ridge Rd, like Doyle Chevrolet, Friendly’s, all the “Hub-Cap Sams’,” the Webster village businesses……….. yea, all them…. they’ve ALL created jobs that allow you to live quite nicely on the taxpayer’s dime!!! Come for a visit sometime, “Geeze,” I’m sure someone, somewhere in the area’d love to ride in their Buick you drive and give ya the “twenty-five-cent tour!!”
More Porkulus?
Strange brew. A beer maker in Webberville [Michigan] has gotten a state tax break to create a new craft beer for musician Kid Rock.
The Michigan Brewing Co., plans to invest $7 million in the new product line, which it said will add jobs. On Tuesday, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority approved a nearly $723,000 tax credit over seven years for the company. The village of Webberville also is considering a tax abatement.
Our “Massa” IS Pissed!!
Rep. Chris Lee was opposed to a $787 billion stimulus package signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday but said he would now fight for funds included in the bill for his district [ Are ya sure ya wanna do this, Mister Lee?? I think you should consider what I suggested to “our Massa” below ].
Among members of Monroe County’s delegation, votes for the stimulus plan in Congress followed party lines, with Lee, R-Clarence, Erie County, opposed and the Democrats in favor.
Lee did not vote on the final bill, as his district experienced the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 3407 the night before the vote. Instead, he submitted a statement into the Congressional Record outlining his opposition [ Sometimes, ya gotta set’cher priorities…. Compassion before financial intercourse!!! ].
“Now that the bill is passed, I obviously want to ensure I do fight for projects in western New York,” Lee said Tuesday. “I just wished it would have been a different type of stimulus.”
Rep. Eric Massa, D-Corning, Steuben County, took issue with Lee’s position.”I would have liked an amendment that said if you voted against it, the money shouldn’t be spent in your district,” Massa said. “Let’s have some accountability.” [ Hell, that works for me, Massa!!….. but…. ya gotta have the federal tax code changed to reflect that-we’re taxed at a lesser rate; we didn’t take no handout-we AIN’T GOTTA pay none back!!! ]
Lee said feedback from his district recorded by his office found that for every three constituents against the stimulus, one was in favor of it. Like most of his constituents, Lee said he was opposed to the amount of spending in the bill and would have preferred more tax cuts [ “Geeze-Louise…..” Ya listening to this CHRIS LEE-guy ?? Sounds to me like he’s got this Nerobama “Pay-Back” plan figgered out!! Don’t s’pose you’d consider trading districts wid’im, wud-ja?? I’d sure like to find out what it feels like to have MY VIEWS represented!! ].
“It’s an ungodly amount of money and no discussion of how we’re going to pay it back,” he said.Those from the delegation who voted in favor of it tempered expectations for what the stimulus will do for the economy.
“I don’t like the stimulus bill,” Massa told the Democrat and Chronicle’s Editorial Board. “We are doing this because we have to.” [ “Have to’s ASS!!” When have you EVER encountered a federal legislator who HAD to do ANYthing?! ] During Massa’s campaign this summer, he assailed spending that forced the federal government to borrow from foreign countries such as China, saying he preferred legislation that explained how associated expenses would be funded [BUT, Eric… you still VOTED FOR the Porkulus Bill; Even tho’ there’s no funding behind it; Even tho’ the Congress WAS NOT afforded the time to read and analyse the bill in it’s entirety; Even tho’ there’s very little, IF ANY accountability…. right??].
Massa said the stimulus was the “only chance we have … to jolt this economy back to normalcy,” adding that jobs will continue to be lost, with or without the stimulus [ Well, Massa….. You’re right about THAT…. there’ll be a jolt…. but not in the direction you HOPE!! ].
A plan for high-speed rail across upstate has gained momentum, but there is no guarantee that any of the $8 billion in high-speed rail funds contained in the bill will come to New York, the members said [‘Course not; “Scarry-Harry” Reid gets it all for Nevada-so the “Hollywood” types can get to Las Vegas in two hours!!].
“Simply put, this recovery package will make our economy stronger than it would be without any action,” said Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport [Geeze, talk about a “deep-thinker!!”].
I got one’a those “before-the-sun-goes-down” lists, so
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