Wounded Policeman Update
Rochester Police Officer Anthony DiPonzio was moved Monday morning to another area hospital to continue his recuperation, 16 days after he was shot in the back of his head.
On Jan. 31, DiPonzio and two other officers had responded to a complaint of drug activity on Dayton Street in northeast Rochester. The officers questioned some people but found no reason to make any arrests. After they walked away, DiPonzio, 23, was shot. Now at Unity Health System’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at the Unity St. Mary’s Campus, DiPonzio is ready to begin the rehabilitation phase of his recovery, according to Dr. Mary Dombovy, chair of the unit.
Officer DiPonzio is in stable condition, according to a statement released by Unity Health System. DiPonzio, 23 of Greece, was upgraded from guarded to stable condition last week and spoke for the first time on Feb. 11.
Dr. Paul Maurer, the neurosurgeon who operated on DiPonzio following the shooting, previously said DiPonzio’s recovery might take up to a year and that he faces an ongoing risk of brain infection.
Updates about DiPonzio’s condition and progress will be released by his physicians and family members, as appropriate, in the coming weeks, the statement said.
“[alleged] Lil’ Bastard” Update
Tyquan Rivera, 14, of 65 Dayton St., surrendered to police Feb. 3 and was charged with attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault. He is slated to be arraigned this morning in state Supreme Court. Addendum: He showed up in court; pled “not guilty” and went back to the lock-up.
….and The Crap Goes On
Nerobama-still fiddlin;’ Economy-still “burnin’ ” For those of you who fell for “The Campaign of Fluff,” you’re still being fed a steady diet of equine feces!! During “The Campaign of Fluff” we were assured that the Nerobama administration would be the most open, EVER…… Yea-right!! We were to have FIVE [5] days in which to review any pending legislation before he or one of the handlers, signs it into law…..Yea-right!! He said that America has to get off imported oil and take global warming seriously….Yea-right!! Below is a portion of the transcript of his video address as socialist-elect, to the Global Warming Summit, November, 18, 2008:
“Few challenges facing America — and the world – are more urgent than combating climate change,” he says in the video. “The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. We’ve seen record drought, spreading famine, and storms that are growing stronger with each passing hurricane season. Climate change and our dependence on foreign oil, if left unaddressed, will continue to weaken our economy and threaten our national security.”
Nerobama’s trip to Denver today has to be the ultimate in “FLUFF!!!” Reportedly, his primary purpose is to bask in the shadow of a solar voltaic array while signing the monumental wealth transfer legislation into law; reputedly the largest transfer of wealth IN RECORDED HISTORY!! To get to the Denver area-presumably, the entourage will land at the Buckley Reserve facility-Air Farce One and associated aircraft will travel about 1,697 miles [Washington-Denver]. The round-trip would be approximately 3,394 miles. Assuming a cruising speed of 450 mph [AF1 maxes @ 607mph], this round-trip will take at least 7-2/3 hours. At a cost of $56,518.oo per hour of travel, the trip will hit you and I for….. ready…..??…. $433,323.50-MINIMUM!! This doesn’t even take into account the massive amounts of ground crew on both ends for aircraft maintenance and security. Nearly a half-million dollars…. to “fluff up” a bill signing that could have taken place far more easily right in the Oval Office [or to get away from the lil’ missus??]. For those of you who are concerned about the effects of these “lil’ hops” on the environment…. I’ve done those calculations, as well. The best I could do is treat this like a first-class round-trip flight of 76 warm, breathing [presumably] bodies. The carbon footprint result of this unnecessary flight is 222.81 unnecessary metric tons of unnecessary C02 into the very necessary atmosphere. The carbon-offset value of this fiasco is $5,957.94. So much for Nerobama’s planetary concerns!! Now for those policies he was to institute, but…… jis hadn’t found the time-what with all his “lil’ hops” around the countryside ‘n’ all……. Those five days everyone was to have to review pending legislation prior to signing….?? What happened to that…..?? This wholly unnecessary mega-wealth transfer legislation…….?? Where’s our “five days” to review that crap……?? Hail, the congress, didn’t get their five days to review before voting on it….. Hail, they didn’t even get 12 HOURS to read it….. Nancy Porklosi had to fly somewhere to award someone something; she had to leave on her PRIVATE, TAXPAYER FUNDED JUMBO JET by 6PM, Friday night!! If members of congress had been inclined to read the legislation, they would have had to read it continuously; no peein’; no poopin’; no eatin’; no sleepin’; no nuttin’!!! This crap is too depressin’n’ I got stuff “the young miss lovely” requested I get done “before the sun goes down!!!”
Til Nex’Time….