This Local Cartoon Says It All
I have no idea who the cartoonist is other than his name and location; Jim Brandetsas of Penfield, N.Y. He could be a pre-teen or a grandpa-I dunno.
The cartoon, published in the Sunday edition of the D&C, says it all though-pointing out the ineffectual congress is more inclined to argue, to jockey for power and votes rather than help taxpayers like you and I!!
Rochester Policeman Shot
[From the local rag: Democrat&Chronicle]
A Rochester police officer — on the job for less than a year — was shot in the back of the head Saturday afternoon survived a 2½ hour surgery at Rochester General Hospital but suffered a severe injury to his brain, said neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Maurer.
“We have many miles to go,” Maurer said late Saturday, but added: “I’ll cautiously say that so far we are ahead of where I might have anticipated.”
No arrests have been made in the officer’s shooting, but Police Chief David Moore said attempted murder charges would apply if a suspect is caught.
Officials are not releasing the name of the officer, in his early 20s, who was earlier described as “fighting for his life.”The officer and three others responded to a complaint about drug activity in the area of 21 Dayton St. late Saturday afternoon. They questioned a group of people on the street but found no reason to make arrests. When they turned to walk away about 3:45 p.m., “a shot rang out,” Moore said, and one of the officers went down.
Police are still investigating whether the shot came from the group of people the officers questioned, or from farther away.The injured officers’ colleagues drove him to Rochester General Hospital. Moore said he had never seen such an unprovoked attack on an officer during his career.
Duffy said the officer’s father is a veteran member of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. “I can’t think of anything more cowardly than what happened here,” Duffy said. “This is a despicable, cowardly act.”
In the evening’s first press conference at Rochester General, Gov. David A. Paterson said he had met with the man’s family and other officers.”Whoever fired the gun this afternoon deserves to be in the ICU, not that brave officer,” said Paterson, who was in Rochester with U.S. Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand to meet with community leaders.
About 70 to 80 police officers were also at Rochester General, according to hospital spokesman Marty Aarons. Officers from surrounding towns, state deputies and border patrol officers all visited the hospital. Arrangements were made to get the injured officer’s fiancée and sister to Rochester from out of town.
In the Hudson Avenue and Avenue D area, police were out in full force throughout the night. At one point during the day, 16 police cruisers were parked at the intersection. Officers were scouring back yards on Avenue D and surrounding areas to determine where the shots came from.
Before dusk, police with ski masks and rifles approached a home at the corner of Hudson Avenue and Avenue D. They knocked on the door and were let in. Flashlights could be seen in the attic, and police left a short time later.
See…. the economy isn’t the only reason the younger generation is leaving the city and county. Why would anyone want to stay in a community where senseless attacks like this occur with increasing frequency?? What one should remember is that the police investigation had been terminated and three officers were walking away from the residence when the young officer was shot in the head!! This is tantamount to an ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!! The culprit in this incident should get “life, without the possibility….” for his/her attack on an unthreatening police officer!!
It Just Gets Better And Better
Thomas Daschle, one of obama’s earliest and most ardent campaign supporters, paid $140,000 to the U.S. Treasury on Jan. 2 and about two days later informed the White House and the Senate Finance Committee. [The “hope” is dwindling quickly. Is this the “change” a majority of Americans voted for?? Maybe the Republican chant is right: the only change we’ll see is the change in our pockets!!]
“The president believes nobody’s perfect but that nobody’s hiding anything,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said [Wouldn’t you, as the president-elect or the sitting president, want the cleanest, most “perfect” cabinet members and advisors you could find?? Twice sofar that we know of, “far less than perfection” has been achieved by obama’s handlers].
A group of Senate Democrats also rallied behind him, issuing a series of statements citing his expertise in health care as indispensable at a time when more than 45 million Americans are uninsured [Indispensable? INDISPENSABLE?? Who among us is indispensable? The handlers are going way out-on-a-limb with this loada crap].
Daschle was the butt of jokes at a House Republican retreat this weekend. According to one person who was there, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the party whip, had this to say after hearing the news about him: “It is easy for the other side to advocate for higher taxes because-you know what?-they don’t pay them!![This is SELF-EXPLANATORY!!]
The disclosure of Daschle’s tax problems coincided with the release of the financial statement he submitted to the Office of Government Ethics, which details for the first time exactly how, without becoming a registered lobbyist, he made millions of dollars giving public speeches and private counsel to insurers, hospitals, realtors, farmers, energy firms and telecommunications companies with complex regulatory and legislative interests in Washington [Where’s the edict that obama’s handlers weren’t going to hire lobbyists to do their bidding??].
Til Nex’Time……