The “Blind 100″……..
I’m just as much at fault as you are!! I stood by and watched the “Blind 100” get elected each time they ran. Now, we’ve got the best government “money can buy.”
Diogenes would be as “at-home” in the halls of Congress as he was in the streets of Athens; He would find as many “honest men” in the federal legislature as he did in the greek city…… NONE!!!!
I’m kinda curious why obama nominated Geithner to be the Treasury secretary; Does the department need a thief and felon at the top to supervise the rest of the thieves and felons working there? This Geithner guy failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in federal taxes; $43,200 is a close estimate.
After a 2006 Internal Revenue Service audit identified the lapse on his 2003 and 2004 tax returns, Mr. Geithner paid tax and interest of $17,230 and the I.R.S. waived penalties. Mr. Geithner, why didn’t you correct the earlier years’ non-payment of self-employment taxes after the 2006 IRS audit identified the problem for 2003 and 2004? [obama: need some help figgerin’ this out? Cuz he’s A THIEF!!] .
It is unclear whether the questions, which came to the obama transition staff and the Finance Committee, will hurt his chances for Senate confirmation [????][If this were a Republican would the “Blind 100” be so quick to sweep the crimes under the rug??].
“obama chose Tim Geithner to be his Treasury Secretary because he’s the right person to help lead our economic recovery during these challenging times,” said Robert Gibbs, the incoming White House press spokesman, in a statement […a THIEF is the right person to guard and protect the nation’s “purse strings??”]. “He’s dedicated his career to our country and served with honor, intelligence and distinction [ …..Progressive-speak for: “steal as much as ya can from the taxpayers, we been doin’ it for years!!”]. That service should not be tarnished by honest mistakes, which, upon learning of them, he quickly addressed. He made a common mistake on his taxes; we hope that the Senate [read: “Blind 100”] will confirm him with strong bipartisan support so that he can begin the important work of the country [….stealin’ more from the Treasury than it can afford??].”

…..And what about the “softball” questions for Hillary Rob’em Clinton? Did anyone ask why she lobbied in support of Paetec Holdings [a communications company] concerning local carrier access rates before the FCC? [did it have to do with the $35,000 “Slick Willie” Foundation annual dues or the $10Million to M.I.T. to fulfill a SW Foundation “requirement??”] What about all the foreign potentates she’ll deal with if confirmed?? Ya think they won’t be expectin’ somethin’ in return for their $Millions in donations??
Even before she offered the Senate Foreign Relations Committee her opening statement, Clinton was told by Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), the committee’s ranking Republican, that the former president’s Clinton Foundation could represent a temptation for foreign governments and other overseas entities to try to influence U.S. policies.”The only certain way to eliminate this risk going forward is for the Clinton Foundation to forswear foreign contributions,” Lugar said, arguing that restrictions and guidelines worked out between the incoming Obama administration and the foundation should be tightened.An existing agreement with the obama team represents “a beginning, not an end” to controls on the foundation’s activities, Lugar said. Lugar is goofy if he thinks that’ll happen!! Both Rob’em and Slick Willie are all about the money and the power…..they ain’t gonna give up either with out a heluva fight!!!
I Found One…….!!
This guy, James Inhofe, R-Ok, seems to have read Econ-101….AND UNDERSTANDS IT’S PRINCIPLES!!!
U.S. Sen. James Inhofe tells Newsmax that Congress’ approval of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout is the “most outrageous vote in American history.”
The Oklahoma Republican also said he doesn’t believe taxpayers will see the bailout funds paid back as promised.
“First of all I was somewhat of a leader of the opposition way back in October, in mid-October,” Inhofe responded.
“I think history will treat that vote as the most outrageous vote in American history, where 75 percent of the House and Senate voted to give an unelected bureaucrat an unprecedented amount of money – the largest amount in American history to be actually voted on at one time, with no strings attached, no guidelines, no oversight.
“Now that was bad enough and then … President Bush came out with his statement [asking for the appropriation], which really disappointed me. I was still trying to get what we call S64 and that would have made the members of Congress responsible for passing or not passing this recommendation from Obama.
“Now what has happened is that President Bush has said, I guess he called up Obama, and said: What’s your wish list?
“We’ve already introduced our resolution of disapproval … I think it will pass the House and it could pass the Senate, although I think Harry Reid would not even allow a vote on it just to save the embarrassment to the new president, Obama, because all he has to do is veto the resolution of disapproval and then” the votes are there to override the veto.
“So it’s a fait accompli,” he added. “It is done. We’re going to have another $350 billion to add to the first $350 billion.
“And I think there are a lot of smart economists who have said that nothing really good happened with the first $350 billion.”
Martella asked: “Wasn’t [Treasury Secretary Henry] Paulson supposed to account for the way he spent the money?”
Inhofe answered: “He was supposed to account for it. Even worse than that, he promised how it was going to be spent. He was going to buy damaged assets. That’s what he was going to do.
“Fifteen minutes after he got his hands on the money, he forgot all about that and never bought any damaged assets and instead bailed out various banks…
“A lot of Republicans are saying, well that money’s not gone, he bought preferred stock and it’s going to be paid back with interest.
“Well that would be awfully nice, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Til Nex’Time……..