Intentional Falsehoods:
I have as little use for Barack Obama as any naysayer on the planet.
I also have no desire to promote or spread intentional false or misleading information about him or any other politician on the current landscape.
To that end I must comment on an email I received about Mr Obama which is roughly 95% FALSE!!
This email, entitled “Obama Truths” speaks of his Muslim faith; refusing to place his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance; drug use at Occidental College; funding his education, buying his house through alleged “loans” from Tony Rezko… need I go on…….??
The confirmation of these falshoods/misleading information is available at:

….and John McCain?:
[This is Rush Limbaugh’s opinion as expressed on last Friday’s or yesterday’s show. After considerable thought, I’m inclined to agree.]
It’s well known that while John McCain was a prisoner at the “Hanoi Hilton,”
he was subjected to many beatings, interrogations and other forms of mistreatment.
Rush believes that during those horrible times, McCain developed a kind of
“go-along-to-get-along” attitude… compromising with his captors without divulging any sensitive information or putting his fellow prisoners at further risk.
This attitude is evident throughout his presidental campaign.
McCain is considered by the Republican Party heavyweights to be a “throw-away” candidate; while Mitt Romney is to be groomed to run against Obama or Mrs Clinton in 2012.
I’m still hoping that the voters will see through all the fluff [on both sides] and elect common sense, fiscal sense and experience.

Not Poor Timing-Just No Cash:
As some may know, I’m not a “value investor” in any sense of the phrase!!
Mostly, I buy pennystocks and hope that I made a good choice based on the research I’ve done.
The only “drum I can beat” on this issue is when I bought Siris Satellite Radio for sixty-cents and sold it for $7.75 [+1,291.6667%] after holding it for a couple of years.
I live in the Rochester, N.Y., area where PAETEC Holdings Corp [Ticker: PAET] is a big player, locally.
They hold the naming rights to PAETEC Park [soccer, I think].
They’ve cooked a deal with the city of Rochester to knock down Midtown Plaza [America’s FIRST indoor shopping mall].
The plan was that PAETEC would build a 30-something floor office building on the Midtown site.
The point of all this is that I wasn’t able to participate in their stock run-up!!
I cudda bought the stock around noon last Friday at it’s recent low of $0.72/share.
I cudda sold the stock at about 10:30AM today [Tuesday] at it’s recent high of $1.65/share!!!
That’s abouta 229.1667% GAIN!!!!
[Shudda, Cudda, Wudda!!!]
Meaning that a $720.00 investment [1k shares] would have yielded $1,650.00!!!
Oh………….. due to it’s recent stock freefall, PAETEC has scaled it’s headquarters office building back to a paltry 7 stories.
My question is “will it EVER be built??”
[The State of New York, which has been deficit spending for years, has committed $65,ooo,000 JUST TO KNOCK DOWN Midtown Plaza!!!]

…On A Sad Note:
For several years, “Scruffy” has been a loved and loving member of the family.
Scruffy is a black ‘n’ white long haired male cat.
For the last several months he’s had kidney, bladder and stomach problems.
His recent weight was around nine pounds, down from a norm of 14 pounds.
He’s been on several oral medications and for the last three weeks, IV hydration at home-every other day.
For the last several days, he’s eaten little and became very lethargic; losing most of the “spring in his step.”
Late last week, the decision was made that there was very little hope for his recovery; his condition would only deteriorate further.
Today, October 14, 2008, was chosen as his last.
At about 8:50AM, Scruffy passed away quietly, comfortably at the Irondequoit Animal Hospital.
He came into our world, our hearts as a scrawny, skinny, stray…. having just won one of many “street fights” that day.
After a vet check, he kinda moved in and took over!!
He was definitely the “Alpha Male” in every sense of the phrase!!!
As cats go, I could take’em or leave’em-BUT NOT AFTER knowing, loving and living with Scruffy.
Some dog breeds are known to be protective of others in their environment.
Scruffy must have been part Shepard…. More than once he kept the other cat [a de-clawed female] from escaping out the front door!!!
Scruff’ was a most loving individual himself….. a “real ladies man!!”
When the ladies would pick him up… he’d put his paws around their necks and nuzzle under their chins…..
Good-bye, my friend…..
You CANNOT and WILL NOT ever be replaced!!!

Til Nex’time…..